Premini Events Presents - “A Mother's Voice”

Growing up as a child of an immigrant family, I understood very early on the sacrifices that my parents made. They didn't come from a high social status with an abundance of wealth or lucrative jobs. Their success was the direct result of perseverance, hard work and determination. Through all of the long hours, weekend shifts and struggles... love remained a constant cornerstone in my upbringing.

When I created Premini nearly a decade ago, the initial focus was to be a creative and experiential voice in the event industry, with a direct focus on the bride and groom. As the years passed and more events were produced, those business relationships blossomed into personal friendships. Those personal friendships then flourished into housewarmings, baby showers, first birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. Those life-long bonds have allowed me the opportunity to meet some of the most incredible people, for which I will forever be grateful.

As the company evolved and grew over the years, there was always a constant fascination with the mothers of our clients. Each and every conversation was a trip down memory lane of how they grew up, what their wedding was like, their aspirations for coming to this country and how it felt to give their children the wedding of a lifetime. A deeper movement started and it was our honor to create a platform for them to share their stories. These mothers never had the opportunity to experience a fraction of a dream wedding, but did everything in their power to provide that for their children.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, we invite you sit back, grab a tissue and open your heart to watch “A Mother’s Voice”.

With love and a heart full of gratitude,