JANUARY 10, 2017 - Chanel: A brand rooted in timeless fashion with weaves of soft elegance. The blend of pale pinks and black tones resonate with the complex nature of mixing modern with traditional. In recent times, we have seen a growing trend of Indian weddings want to explore various themes and thought a Chanel inspired Indian wedding was a unique blend! The soft pinks, golds, ivories, and statement blacks piece together to create a classic look. The combination of textures and patterns such as lace and stripes are a staple for the signature Chanel look. The mixture of girlish charm with a dark statement color helps create a versatile twist that this themed wedding is craving. A variety of details could accompany such an event; servers in classic long tail tuxedos passing bubbly champagne with Chanel inspired logos on the glassware; luscious floral centerpieces accompanied by printed pink and black infused stationery; beautiful wall coverings of black and pink stripes accompanying textured pillows and lounge seating. Ideally, the options are endless! Explore the inspiration we’ve pieced together entitled, "The Chanel Indian Wedding".