As event planners, we make it our top priority to understand your story, vision and sense of style. Inspiration comes from multiple sources, and combined with creative detailing, your event will become a brand in itself. It's unreasonable to put decor, a DJ, and food in a room and call it a wedding. To us, that is simply a fancy dinner party. We carefully intertwine our couples character traits, personalities and family preferences into the event and by the end, you will have a magical environment—rich in details and unexpected moments… one where your guests will never want to leave. Creative planning includes:

  • Love Story Concept + Development

  • Creative Itinerary Formation

  • Stylized Details + Suggestions

  • Personalized Theme + Idea Generation

  • Distinctive Decor + Design Recommendations

  • Hashtag Development

  • Unique Room Layout + Floor Plan Creation

  • Custom Stationery + Graphic Design

A beautiful dinner for the Indian wedding NJ, planned by Premini Events


Here at Premini, we thrive on creating extraordinary events, and seeing them through to flawless finish that result in lasting memories. Our events are raved about time and again, because every facet of the experience speaks the same language. The start to finish planning process is masked with a harmony of services to create an environment full of enthusiasm, punctuality and poise. Event planning services include:

  • Wedding Ceremony Guidance and Planning

  • Wedding Reception Guidance and Planning

  • Partial + Custom Package Planning

  • On-Site Management Offerings

  • Due Diligence Event Mapping + Weekly Vision Planning

  • Venue + Vendor Selection Coupled With Contract Management

  • Budget Planning + Advising

  • Logistical Management of Production Teams

  • Timeline Formation + Vendor Confirmation

  • Site Visit Instruction

A beautiful Indian wedding venue, planned by Premini Events


Premini Events offers general consulting services for several hotel and independent event organizations to develop knowledge within the South Asian wedding industry along with growth strategies. Services include:

  • Subject Matter Expertise for South Asian Weddings

  • Guest and Client Experience Consulting

  • X-Factor Differentiation

  • Brand Awareness

  • Presentation Development

Premini Events Has Provided Hospitality Consulting Services to the Following Organizations: