SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 - Classic. Clean. Timeless. All words to describe the infinitely popular designer Ralph Lauren. Known as the innovators of lifestyle, Ralph Lauren designs have become a household staple and an international phenomenon. This signature style has got us in love! So... how could we possibly twist this classic American style into an elegant Indian wedding, you ask? Here’s your answer! The main secret while planning an RL inspired wedding is to keep the look timeless throughout every phase. We chose to highlight one of RL’s popular color palettes, navy blue, pale pink and shimmering gold. When these colors are pulled together, magic happens! A groom adorned in navy will look perfect next to his bride in gold and ivory details. Matching invitations, polished table decor, and even a classic wedding cake all tie into this inspiring look. So what do you think?

Ralph Lauren Collage.png